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Praise for Sadeqa's Writing Workshops

I do not consider myself a writer. I write for fun, relaxation, and therapy. Sadeqa's class has added a new level of enthusiasm and fulfillment to my writing. Sadeqa's positive energy is contagious.

Alisha Gallini

Pens Up, Fears Down has made the single greatest impact on my fiction writing. Under Sadeqa’s guidance, I’ve reintroduced short stories into my repertoire, discovered the value of aphorisms, and was challenged to complete my first book synopsis. I found a group of kindred spirits who love the written word as much as I do. This workshop is a can’t miss for those looking to stretch and grow beyond the bounds of their imagination and fears.

Kristina Cotis

PENS UP, FEARS DOWN is a wonderful writing class that helped me immensely.  Sadeqa Johnson is a caring and passionate instructor who teaches from personal experience.  What she teaches you will help you improve your writing, not just during the class, but beyond.  PENS UP, FEARS DOWN is well worth your time and energy regardless if you are new to writing or have had some writing success.  I highly recommend it.  Plus, Sadeqa’s excitement is contagious.

Hope Whitby


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